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Creative Table Lamp

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Candle Lamp Floating Shoe

Exquisite workmanship

Smooth surface and high light transmittance lampshade. The light you take with your phone is not blurred, it's really safe for your eyes. It may still be appreciated as a work of art in your home or office.


Do you know?

Sleeping under bright lights has many potential health risks

Not everyone can sleep peacefully at night. Start by sleeping with a warm night light. The researchers also showed that red light doesn't do much harm to melatonin activity. You should also limit your exposure to blue screens from TVs and phones to make it easier to sleep.

How to use this?

Easy to operate. You can use two magnetic wooden balls to operate the light. When you lift the wooden ball at the bottom, it will be attracted by the ball at the top, so the light is on. Otherwise, the light goes out