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Levitating Display Shoe

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Candle Lamp Floating Shoe

Break down the limits of creativity

Using special technology in design, absolutely safe for everyone, durable material and can be used continuously. This is definitely an option not to be missed.

Floating Shoe
Floating Shoe

Maximizing Workspace

With its compact design, easy to display anywhere, this product will fit well with both small-sized rooms and open spaces such as stores, exhibitions halls.

Floating Shoe

Change your mind

Have you ever felt bored about the shoes you bought were left on the shelf, in the box untouched, covered with dust for many years. It's annoying to see them lying there forever, with Yellownes we'll make your shoes the standout thing in the room.

How to use this product?

With a remote, you can customize the colors to your liking, change the lighting modes.

Note: this mode is only available when you use RGB Light product